Friday, January 23, 2015

Five on Friday: Favorite Bad Lip Reading Videos

Like many of you out in Internetland, I'm a peruser of YouTube. I like to start with a video and just watch similar vids until I feel like I've reached a sufficient level of WTF-ery. Case in point: Bad Lip Reading. I first came to know of BLR several years ago when they parodied the video of my dear Michael Bublé, to which he posted an amazing response video. I've been a fan ever since and love to keep up with their newest releases. Since joining YouTube on March 21, 2011, BLR has garnered 4,146,593 subscribers and 424,525,344 views. I believe it, too. Their 2012 Presidential Election videos were insanely popular and I see their pop culture parodies circulated often.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"Weird Al" Yankovic Announces Mandatory Fun Tour Dates

Yankovic is all over the place these days, recently guest starring on ABC's Galavant. He's even lending his voice to the new Adventure Time video game. It was teased on Facebook all day on Monday and Tuesday at Midnight, the dates for "Weird Al" Yankovic's Mandatory Fun tour were announced on his website. This tour comes on the heels of the immense success that Yankovic has found with the release of "Mandatory Fun," his fourteenth studio album. Yankovic has performed numerous times in and around Kentucky and this tour is no different, with the following dates on his tour:

MAY 23

MAY 28

MAY 30

JUN 21

JUN 24



There you have it, there are plenty of chances to see the king of the musical parody this summer. His newest album is comprised of twelve songs and features parodies of Iggy Azaelea, Pharrell Williams, Lorde, and Imagine Dragons among others.

Yankovic, a geek icon, will no doubt perform song from his storied career which spans the last three decades. I'm not sure which show I'll be able to go to, but I hope to see him at the Louisville Palace because it's just after my birthday! This will be a concert that you won't want to miss, I know I'm kicking myself for not seeing him when he performed at Paramount Arts Center in Ashland.

Let me know in the comments if you're going to get tickets when they go on sale on January 27! Dates are, of course, subject to change, so be sure to keep an eye on "Weird Al's" website!

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Friday, January 16, 2015

Imagine Better This Saturday With the Harry Potter Alliance at Plantory

Real talk time: the world is kind of a mess right now, but there are definitely things that restore my faith in humanity. Case in point, the Harry Potter Alliance.  I must confess that I haven't even finished the book series, but I did see all of the movies, and have been a huge Harry Potter fan for almost 15 years. I am so excited by the work that this group is doing. Since 2005, the Harry Potter Alliance has engaged millions of fans through work for social justice, equality, and literacy. The best part, though, is that the organization is making activism accessible. They've succeeded, with nearly 100 chapters and a network that reaches nearly one million people.

The good news of the work that they're doing is spreading like wildfire. Just this week, HPA succeeded in a four year long campaign for Warner Bros to use all fair trade chocolate for their Harry Potter licensed candies. This victory has gone viral and has been featured by a large number of online publications including People. This is certainly some great PR for the Alliance and should show the world the great work that they're doing. And their work spreads beyond the Harry Potter fandom, they're also energizing Hunger Games fans, launching the Odds In Our Favor campaign to fight income inequality and hunger.

If you're in the Bluegrass Region and you're interested in getting involved with activism, but are unsure how, please join us at The Plantory on Saturday, January 17 at 1:30 PM for the  Lexington Harry Potter Alliance Formation Meeting. Anyone ages 12 and older are welcome to attend. The WC Wizengamot, an official chapter based out of Woodford County, will be on hand to share how they use fandom based activism to enact change. This is a very exciting organization to be involved with and I just know that it's going to make a huge impact on Lexington!

Oh, and be sure to bring $1 to the meeting if you can, to help benefit the Huffleruffs, for care of magical creatures throughout Central Kentucky. Everyone at the meeting can use their dollar to vote for their favorite team name with proceeds to benefit Homeward Bound Canine Rescue and Rehabilitation.

For more information about the Harry Potter Alliance, check out their website. If you're unable to attend, keep an eye on the Lexington United page for more information about meetings. And if you're not in the Lexington area, fear not, because there is a Northern Kentucky chapter!

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